February 7, 2023
Second Space on Samsung

GoodTekno.com – Creating a second space on Samsung is very easy, just like Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. cellphones, that this Korean-made cellphone also has the Second Space feature. This Second Room feature makes us feel like we have two cellphones, you know.

For example, you want to have two chat applications, but you only have one Samsung cellphone. Well, in a Samsung cellphone, you can easily create a second space.

You don’t need to buy an Android cellphone again just for you to have dual applications. So, then how do you create a second space on a Samsung cellphone? Well, here’s how. Come on, take a look at the following article!

Second Space on Samsung

How to Create a Samsung Second Space

Here’s how to easily create a second space on Samsung:

1. Go to settings 

2. Select biometrics and security.

3. Click the safe folder.

4. Agree and follow the next steps until it is actively created in a secure folder.

5. Create a security pattern or lock.

6. Your secure folder is ready to use.


Well, above is how to create a second space safe folder or second space on a Samsung cellphone . You can make the notification visible or invisible on your cellphone. The method is very easy. You just set the safe folder or the second space on your cellphone, then you can set the notification whether it will appear on your home or not.

After you have created a second space on your cellphone, the next step is actually to create a lock on each application that you want to lock. You can create a password or lock with a pattern or biometric on your cellphone so that existing applications can be safe. Not bad, your application can be well protected and cannot be misused by other people who do evil if anything happens. Hehe..

That’s how easy second space on Samsung easily from GoodTekno . Well, of course you can make one HP like many HP without buying a lot of HP. So if there is another way to create a second space, can we let us know.


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