February 7, 2023
Make Russian Friends Online

GoodTekno.com – Do you want to Make Russian Friends Online? Maybe you can try the application to make friends from Russia.

This article, GoodTekno, will discuss an application that you can install to find friends from Russia. There are many applications to find friends from abroad that you can try.

Applications How to Make Russian Friends Online

Here’s a list of apps to Make Russian Friends Online


1. Interpals – Make Russian Friends Online

Make Russian Friends Online

The Interpals application is the favorite application used in Russia. Basically, this application is a friendship application in the exchange of knowledge and culture.

Where is it you can exchange cultural and scientific information with your friends in other parts of the world including Russia?

For those of you who are not used to using this application, it is a bit difficult to use. But it can’t hurt to give it a try, right?

You can download this application on Google PlayStore or App Store.


2. VKontakte (VK)

Make Friends from Russia

The next application is called VKontakte (VK). This application is almost similar to the Interpals application. However, in Russia, this application is one of the applications with the most users after Facebook.

Of course, with so many users in Russia, you can easily find friends from there using this application.

There are a few shortcomings in this application if you are a new user, whereas users who have played on the VKontakte (VK) application are old users. Where they had known each other before. However, there’s nothing wrong, right, if you want to try using it.


You can download this application on the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.


Well, above is an application to make friends from Russia that you might be able to use in addition to commonly used applications such as Facebook, Instagram, or maybe other online dating applications.

But before you install the application above where the users are native Russians, maybe you can install a Russian language learning application that you can try first. Maybe besides being able to make friends, you will also be able to easily get a mate from there.