February 7, 2023
Upload Photos Earn Money

GoodTekno.com – For those of you who have a hobby of taking photos and then want to earn money just from uploading photos. Now you don’t have to be confused about where to upload it.

This GoodTekno article will discuss a website that you can use to make money just by uploading photos. Let’s listen!


Upload Photos Earn Money

The following is a list of websites and applications for uploading photos to earn money on the Internet:


1. Shutterstock – Upload Photos Earn Money

Who doesn’t know Shutterstock, this website has long been a marketplace for those of you who want to sell your photos. You can sell photos that you take using a cellphone or professional camera. You can earn dollars for every photo that a foreigner buys.

Unfortunately, in Shutterstock payments, everyone who wants to sell must at least have a PayPal account. Later every photo purchased will be deposited first at least 10 dollars which later after crossing the limit will be automatically paid to your PayPal account


2. Foap

The next photo upload website application or service is Foap. This photo-uploading website or application is also a recommendation for those of you who want to earn money from the internet just by uploading photos. But in this application or website, you have to upload photos with the best quality and best photo resolution.

Indeed, to be able to earn money here is a bit difficult, but in this application, you will get higher money compared to other service providers. But yeah, that’s all, guys, the quality is to be approved and the standard is also very high.


3. Getty Images

This service from Getty Image has long been known as a service or marketplace website for buying and selling photos. Indeed, in the past, this service was widely used by photojournalists to upload photos of their journalists here, and then the results of their photos would be purchased by the media.

But over time, this website has become a place for beginner and even professional photographers to upload photos which will then be sold or bought by people looking for stock photos.


4. EyeEm

This EyeEm website or application can also be an alternative for those of you who want to earn money from the internet just by uploading photos. With more than 8 million users, of course, this application is also a popular application besides Shutterstock and Getty Image.

In this application, you can also register photos of your work so that your photos cannot be claimed by others. Of course, for photographers, things like this must also be considered.


5. SnapWire

Just like other photo-uploading apps, this SnapWire app also gives its users money just by uploading photos on their platform.

There is a pretty good difference with other photo uploading applications, where quality is a priority for those of you who want to sell your photos on the internet through this platform.


Well, above is a list of the best android applications from GoodTekno for those of you who like to take photos, either using a cellphone camera or using a professional camera so that you can sell your work abroad which will later earn you money in dollars. It’s so cool! Well, if there are other application recommendations, you can let us know next, okay?